“Our wedding day wouldn't have been the same without Becky. She managed all of the logistics on the day of and helped keep all of the stress away. Her motto was, "Keep Calm and let Becky Handle it". That phrase couldn't have been more true. She kept everyone on schedule. I'm so glad that we had a wedding day coordinator. My mom was able to relax and enjoy the day without having to worry about keeping the party going. Becky was also super helpful during the planning process. I felt comfortable to ask her any kinds of questions. She always had great recommendations. I highly recommend her for your wedding planning or any other party planning. She's the best!”

- Taylor & Tyler


Becky was outstanding with planning and coordinating our wedding! We ended up moving away from the Eugene area the year before we got married, and I was in my first year of a new career, so it was a huge help to have Becky to recommend and contact (and follow up with) vendors. We wouldn't have even known where to start without her! She saved us so much time and stress. It was also great to have a neutral party orchestrating everything so nobody's family could take over. Becky is a calm presence that takes care of everything without bulldozing anybody. Becky designed the whole set up and decor for the wedding, as well as set everything up (and took it down). My husband didn't want to pay for a wedding planner, but he was so grateful that we did. Considering how much we relied on Becky, her services are of great value and not expensive. She is extremely flexible, reliable, and fun to work with. She has lots of different services available, and is definitely worth meeting even if you aren't sure you want a coordinator (but you do).

- Anna & Greg


Becky was so calm, cool, and collected throughout the whole wedding planning process. She made the day of our wedding and the many months leading up to it go so smoothly. Her organization and constant advice were always just an email, text or call away and this gave us so much peace of mind. I would recommend her to anyone who is planning a wedding!

- Karina & Jardo


Wow. Where do I begin this review? To put it plainly: Becky singlehandedly saved our wedding and turned an absolutely devastating situation into a dream day. We got married in Portland and our venue was in the Columbia River Gorge the week the fire broke out, and due to the fire, our original venue was evacuated 5 days before our wedding. (Did I mention we were planning from Chicago and weren't even on the ground when this was happening?) Thanks to Becky, we planned an ENTIRELY new wedding in 36 hours. We contacted over 100 venues the morning of the evacuation and miraculously found several to view the next day, when we flew in from Chicago. The new venue she found for us honestly rivaled our original venue in beauty and originality. Everything had to be reworked including several of our vendors, rentals, the timeline–everything. I ended up throwing her the reins completely for ALL our wedding day execution, setup and design. I don't think she slept for four straight days–she never complained or showed any signs of being stressed. I know she was helping a bunch of other clients at the same time but it felt like we were her sole focus. Several guests at our wedding even took notice and came up to us and said, "I hope you guys know that your planner is hustling her little buns off!"

If you have budget for literally nothing else in your wedding–make hiring Becky your #1 priority. She's not only an incredible planner, but she has a fantastic eye for design, and a huge heart. We are ETERNALLY grateful to her. I know that we will be toasting to Becky on our anniversary even when we're old and grey, remembering that she saved our entire wedding! We love you, Becky!

- Jess & Neal


Becky is hands down our favorite wedding coordinator to work with! Her dedication, creativity and contagious love for what she does shines through in every single wedding she works on. We love how she stays true to the bride’s vision- perfectly executing everything they have been dreaming of. She is so reliable and goes above and beyond for not only her brides, but the other vendors she works with as well. Her ability to take what can be an overwhelming experience and make it into something simple and fun and beautiful is unparalleled. We love having Becky as both a wonderful colleague and friend.

- Joanna & Taylor. Good Seed Floral Design


Hiring Becky was one of the best decisions we made when we started planning our wedding. We knew we wanted a small elopement-style wedding, so we almost decided not to hire an event planner, but oh my goodness. You guys. HIRE BECKY. From the moment we first met with her we instantly felt comfortable placing our wedding in her hands. She went above and beyond to help bring all the details together and take the stress off of us on the wedding day so we could just enjoy the moment! And when we had to relocate our location two weeks before the wedding due to a fire in the Gorge, Becky helped keep us calm and that led to us finding a venue that was equal to/better than our original plan. She went above and beyond to make our day perfect, and I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like without her.

- Heather & Josh